TWICE’s Jihyo Expresses Desire To Challenge Acting, “I Feel A Great Sense Of Joy Doing It”

TWICE member Jihyo revealed her whereabouts and confessed that she has been thinking about challenging acting

On July 1st, the YouTube channel “14F” uploaded a new content video featuring an individual exhibition of TWICE’s Jihyo.

 Meeting a fan in a space where several pictures of herself were displayed to suit the purpose of the program called “A Very Private Art Museum”, Jihyo pointed at the most recent photoshoot and said, “I wanted this photo to just show what I’m up to recently. These days, I’ve been trying out various things”.


She continued, “I’ve been thinking about trying something challenging lately, and for the first time, I’m really thinking about trying acting”, showing her ambition. The fan expressed expectations, saying “Please do it. You fit well to acting”, Jihyo responded, “Really?”

Jihyo confessed, “Originally, I thought it was something I could never really do. But I’m having that thought again. There are things that I’m doing on stage. That’s all acting”, revealing how she had to act on the stage.

She shared, “Actually, I was really tired at that time. I woke up at 3 AM in the morning and I am acting like that. I always feel a great sense of joy and fun doing it.”

Lastly, Jihyo wrapped up the story by saying “When people tell me that my bright performance gave them such bright energy. I felt so energized that I wanted to try acting”.

Meanwhile, Jihyo’s group TWICE will release their 5th Japan full album “DIVE” on July 17th.

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