TWICE’s fanbase releases official statement regarding Nayeon’s loan lawsuit issue

Fans announced their stance regarding the loan lawsuit against Nayeon and her family background dislosure

According to Herald Business report on September 19th, Nayeon won the lawsuit of 600 million won in debts filed by the ex-lover of Nayeon’s mother A. 

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A reportedly filed the lawsuit in January last year to claim the amount of more than 500 million won he lent Nayeon and her mother over the period of 12 years. A claimed that Nayeon’s side promised to pay him back after Nayeon’s debut but they did not keep their promise. Considering that A lent Nayeon’s mother the money when they were dating, there was not enough evidence to call it a loan. A has not yet appealed against the first trial’s ruling.

In this regard, Nayeon’s agency JYP Entertainment stated, “The ruling was finalized and the lawsuit has been closed. It has nothing to do with the artist’s entertainment activities. However, we will take firm legal action against speculative posts defaming or insulting the artist”.

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At the sudden news of the lawsuit, DC Inside TWICE Gallery posted an official statement, saying “We issue this statement considering that there is a need to make an official statement from fans regarding today’s report of the ruling on Nayeon’s lawsuit”.

They continued, “As the court already ruled in favor of Nayeon in the 600-million-won loan lawsuit, fans hope that Nayeon will no longer suffer from such unpleasant personal matters”.

TWICE Gallery added, “We also sincerely hope that Nayeon can become an idol singer who can spread good influence on the public through her active activities”.

Source: Wikitree

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