Twice’s ending fairy drew attention

Twice’s ending fairies moment on the latest comeback stage went viral and received high praise.

On 10th June, Twice had a comback stage at Mnet’s music show M!Countdown. This is Twice’s first performance of the new song “Alcohol-Free” on Korean TV broadcast. Although there are mixed reviews about Alcohol-Free’s melody but no one can deny that the JYP girls have never disappointed fans with their looks.

During the stage at M!Countdown, Twice performs with white and blue outfit on summer vibes background. JYP’s girl group gave fans a true “visual party”. The girls are praised for their radiant, fresh visual that extremely matched with the sweet summer concept.

Twice’s ending fairy became a hot topic on TheQoo. Netizens shocked with the quartet Na Yeon – Ji Hyo – Tzuyu – Sana’s incredible visual. While Na Yeon has a fresh visual like “juice” and Ji Hyo has a dark skin and healthy West vibe beauty with her big eyes, Sana has extremely lovely and sexy visual and Tzuyu’s visual has the aura of classic Asian beauties. Four different but harmonious beauties from Twice’s girls created a legendary ending fairy. 


Some of these comments: “They have their beauty and charm, they don’t have to try to be sexy or cute”; “Tzuyu is so pretty, I fell in love with her eyes.”; “Ji Hyo’s beauty is charm, Na Yeon’s is fresh, Sana’s is warm and Tzuyu’s is elegant.”; “Twice’s amazing ending”; “This stage is excellent both about oufits and hairstyles”; “Na Yeon is really the center of Twice. She is the most accurate representation of Alcohol-Free’s concept”…

Source: iOne

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