The most hardworking rookie K-drama actress of 2022: suffered from bad styling everytime

This K-drama actress appeared in a total of 3 projects in just 4 months!

Actress Yoon Sang Jeong, borned in 1998, is a rookie actress with appearances in a lot of recent Kdramas. Since the beginning of the year, she has played office workers in three separated series, including a subordinate of the female lead in “Our Beloved Summer”, a teammate with the female lead in “A Business Proposal”, and most recently, the female manager of a Kpop group in “Shooting Stars”. 

yoon sang jeong
Our Beloved Summer
yoon sang jeong
A Business Proposal
yoon sang jeong
Shooting Stars

Since her roles are always office workers with simple fashions, light makeup, and on top of that, little screen time, Yoon Sang Jeong never looks too outstanding on the screen. However, the actress looks way better off the camera, with visuals full of innocent and elegant charms. 

Yoon Sang Jeong’s debut as an actress came in 2019, with a minor role in the movie “Tune in for Love”. She then took a long break until 2021, before returning with “You Are My Spring” and then constantly starred in three consecutive works. Hopefully, this gorgeous actress will have more chances to shine and show off her talents in future works. 

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