B.I confesses about his despairs and dreams through a documentary teaser for his global project “Love or Loved”

Artist B.I revealed his honest thoughts prior to the release of his global album release. 

B.I released a video titled “But hard work alone isn’t enough of a reason for praise”, a documentary teaser video for his global album project “Love or Loved (L.O.L)”, through his official SNS channels on May 3rd. This documentary was filmed for 5 months before B.I released his first solo album “WATERFALL”, as a part of his “Love or Loved” project. 

The documentary begins with B.I carefully introducing himself, saying, “There are many things I’d like to say. I have so much I want to say to my fans that I don’t even know what to say.” B.I continued, “Let’s say in a week, out of the 168 hours, the time I spent with others is about 10 to 18 hours, at the most. I just have to act fine for about 20 hours and I’m alone for the remaining 140 hours. And I’m left anxious all alone”. He confessed, “In times like that, I question myself if I’ve ever had talent at all. I wonder whether it’s something I can prove, whether it’s something I can demonstrate on my own. Working hard is a given, but hard work alone isn’t enough of a reason for praise”.


B.I honestly talked about his feelings, despair, loneliness and process of dreaming at this time that is passing by. He also revealed his innermost thoughts that he had not been able to reveal until now. B.I said, “I can’t find the problem. Big slump. The longest slump. This is unusual. This level of numbness. It’s about time to get into action. There needs to be some input. But there’s none in my life right now. In the past, I yearned for recognition. That yearning was strong. But it feels more levelheaded now. I personally find this more devastating. I feel too weary to feel that again.”


However, regarding the global album project, he expressed his strong will, “I believe this needs to be done. In my opinion, if I were to refrain from taking any leaps or branch out to somewhere new, the days behind me will lose their meaning. I believe it’s incredibly meaningful and it must be done.”


Meanwhile, former iKON member B.I left the group due to the drug scandal. In September last year, he was sentenced to 4 years of probation (3 years in prison if he commits any drug-related crime again) on charges of violating the Drug Control Act. B.I, who recently signed a contract with the large American agency Wasserman through his American management company Transparent Arts, is expected to expand his music activities globally this year.

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