This is the funniest K-drama of 2022: Forcing ghosts to perform magic tricks?

The newly-released K-drama “From Now On, Showtime!”, is drawing great attention from the audience. 

From Now On, Showtime!” is a new K-drama that brilliantly combines comedy with investigation. Cuts from the series, which show the male lead Cha Woong (played by actor Park Hae Jin) controlling ghosts, are going viral across the net. 

From Now On Showtime

Bringing a new wind to the Korean small screen, this “ghost” drama revolves around the male lead Cha Woong, who accidentally unlocked his power to control ghosts. However, instead of being a good guy that helps these wandering spirits reach salvation like in other K-dramas, Cha Woong hires them to help him do magic tricks! It works perfectly as no one can see the ghosts, and Cha Woong is shot to stardom overnight. Soon enough though, this secret was uncovered by the female lead, who is a police officer, and Cha Woong is forced to help her with investigations. 

From Now On Showtime
From Now On Showtime
The main duo meeting their incarnations from a previous life. 

So far, “From Now On, Showtime!” has been hailed by a large number of viewers for its hilarious writing and satisfying cinematography. This unique series is also looking promising with ratings rising to 3.6% by its second episode. 


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