Why compare SNSD to 3rd generation idols when they are the most influential 2nd generation ones?

No one can deny, the influence of SNSD although the group has to promote among the new generation of their juniors.

On September 5th, SNSD officially debuted their new unit – Oh!GG. The group released two new songs called “Lil ‘Touch” and “Fermata“. The return of the national girl group makes the public interested. When a senior girl group comes back, it causes people to wonder if the group will be able to surpass the rookie groups that are leading the trends, especially when SNSD had a comeback that was said to be a failure before.

Among the Big3 in Kpop, SM is always the worst in Youtube’s views and SNSD is not an exception. However, with “Lil ‘Touch” and its 9 million views in the first 24 hours, the girls became the girl group that has most viewed MV in 24 hours in SM, surpassing the record of the EXO with “Ko Ko Bop”.

Along with that, SNSD also reached #1 on iTunes and topped the top Youtube trends in many countries. Not to mention that Sunmi is now coming back with “Siren”, which is now hitting the top of many major real-time charts, “Lil’ ‘Touch” was still able to gain very impressive achievements.

Everyone knows that what SNSD achieved cannot compare to the records of 3rd generation idol groups. However, when people put SM’s girl groups on the scale to compare with junior generations, many people forget that among the 2nd generation artists’ comeback, SNSD are the ones who have the strongest influence at this moment. When the group’s same generation rivals don’t disband or on hiatus, not many people show interests in them either.

SM’s girls have gone through their golden age, even standing on the top of the glory, and not every artist is lucky enough to have that opportunity. SNSD’s comeback stage is sure to steal many of the fans’ hearts, who have always been waiting for the group despite ups and downs. Just like the members who have now nearly reached the age of 30, SNSD’s fans are not young anymore to spend hours on the group’s MV every day.

Source: Kenh14

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