TWICE Nayeon’s highly anticipated solo debut is already embroiled in controversies?

Initial concept photos of TWICE Nayeon for her solo album “IM NAYEON” is being accused of copying BLACKPINK Jennie

Nayeon (TWICE) is one of the multi-talented female idols of K-pop.  Not only possessing beautiful visual, she also sings well, dances well and works well with TWICE as the group’s center.  Recently, the female idol’s fans are extremely excited because JYP Entertainment will let her make a solo debut after 7 year.

twice nayeon
Nayeon’s solo debut is eagerly awaited by fans

It is known that Nayeon will officially make her solo debut on June 24.  However, the original concept images of the female idol caused a lot of controversy.  Accordingly, Nayeon’s concept photos make the audience think of Jennie during her debut with SOLO.

twice nayeon - blackpink jennie
Nayeon’s concept image is accused of copying from Jennie.
twice nayeon - im nayeon
This photo of Nayeon remind netizens of Jennie
twice nayeon - im nayeon
Since Nayeon was the first member of TWICE to go solo, the controversies surrounding her worried fans
twice nayeon - im nayeon
Netizens have high anticipation for Nayeon’s solo album
blackpink jennie w korea
Fans also pointed out that Nayeon’s solo concept resembles the pictorial photo of Jennie in the November 2020 issue of W.

Currently, JYP Entertainment has not yet commented on this controversy.  TWICE’s fans think that this is just a coincidence, because Jennie and Nayeon have always had completely different styles and vibes.

  • Jennie didn’t invent this style, concept, nor makeup, but it was Jennie that popularized it through her solo debut, since she totally fits it. At first glance, it really looks like Jennie. Just this one time, of course. 
  • If you don’t want to be compared to another, then do something different?
  • I’m not anyone’s fan but this really reminds me of Jennie. Hope Nayeon has a successful solo debut anyway
  • Both Jennie and Nayeon are gorgeous so both have my support. You guys are just not used to Nayeon’s new makeup style. She has always looked like this. 
TWICE Nayeon
At the moment, Nayeon’s solo debut is the talk of town. 
twice nayeon
Another concept photo from the TWICE member’s debut. 
TWICe Nayeon
The female idol looks spectacular in the teaser for her upcoming release. 

In addition, this is not the first time TWICE Nayeon was accused of copying BLACKPINK Jennie. Previously on December 25th and 26th, during the Seoul dates of TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR, Nayeon’s double pigtails and girlcrush styling also reminded netizens of her competitor.

twice nayeon - blackpink jennie
Nayeon’s double pigtails reminded people of Jennie. 
twice nayeon - blackpink jennie
Unlike their fans, TWICE Nayeon and BLACKPINK Jennie are close friends in real life. 

Highly anticipated but Nayeon’s solo comeback is facing unwarranted controversies. Therefore, fans are hoping for a clarification on JYP’s behalf.

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