TWICE Nayeon said she can’t understand why members cry at a wedding

On March 10th, a video titled “POP QUIZ with TWICE NAYEON” was posted on the official YouTube channel of Marie Claire Korea. 

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In the video, Nayeon held a Q&A session in a space full of blue balloons and took time to read and answer notes from fans.

Here, Nayeon, who was asked about a place she would like to go driving by herself, replied that she went to Palgakjeong Pavilion with the members on their 1000th day anniversary. She also expressed that she wanted to take the members on a trip where she drives the car by herself. 

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Then, when asked, “As the only member with MBTI with T (thinking type), have you ever felt a difference from other members?”, Nayeon answered, “I think some of them didn’t do the MBTI test right. So, I think some members are similar to me

However, Nayeon also shared an anecdote of going to a wedding with other members that proves she’s a thinking type, “The members cried so much, I couldn’t quite understand that.”

Afterwards, Nayeon revealed that she doesn’t eat vegetables when asked for a TMI she hasn’t told fans yet.

Finally, Nayeon, who is famous for being a “human vitamin” among fans, was asked if she has a tip for “staying cheerful all the time”. In response, she answered, “I’m not always cheerful, to be honest, but I can quickly come back even when I feel down. I’m resilient. My tip is I don’t try to be cheerful all the time, I’m not sure if it’ll help, but it works for me.”


On the other hand, Nayeon’s group, TWICE, released their 12th mini album “READY TO BE” on March 10th.

Source: YouTube, Insight

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