TWICE Nayeon acknowledged by Pilates experts, “appears delicate yet mentally strong”

Nayeon, a member of girl group TWICE, is praised for her “solid mental core” by a Pilates academy with her amazing strength. 

Recently, Nayeon’s Pilates practice was captured through photos.


In particular, a Pilates specialist academy posted several photos of Nayeon on their official account, along with the caption, “There are people who may appear delicate but possess explosive strength at crucial moments. It’s thanks to their well-trained muscular strength, endurance, and a solid mental core that doesn’t easily crumble. We root for Nayeon to have more explosive days as she recharges her energy here, even amidst a tight schedule leading up to TWICE’s U.S. tour”.

In the published photos, Nayeon performs Pilates with various graceful postures, even managing to handle positions that seem to defy gravity with her delicate arms.

Meanwhile, as a member of TWICE, Nayeon is embarking on a U.S. tour. The girl group is preparing for their solo concerts at the Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles on June 10th and at the MetLife Stadium in New York on July 6th, among other stops.

Source: Nate

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