TWICE members debut personal Instagram accounts amid contract renewal season

TWICE members have launched individual Instagram accounts! 

7 years into their debut, all 9 members of TWICE have finally revealed their solo Instagram accounts, which have been verified. In years past, TWICE’s members had been sharing personal photos through their joint account @twicetagram. 


On May 16th, every member posted the same group photo taken at TWICE’s recent US concert as the first post on their personal accounts. 

Although fans are extremely thrilled to see TWICE joining Instagram individually, the fact that the launch of their solo accounts comes right amid the contract renewal season makes fans worried this might be a sign of the members not extending their contracts with JYP. 

Currently, there is still no update on TWICE’s contracts that expire this year. Recently, netizens have been discussing this matter with many speculating that some TWICE members would leave JYP to pursue individual careers. 

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