Will TWICE renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment after 7 years? 

TWICE’s contract with JYP will expire this year, and many fans are concerned that some members will be leaving. 

The 7-year curse is a familiar term to most Kpop fans. As Kpop idols’ contract with their company expires after 7 years, this milestone may make or break a group. Afterall, some idols may re-sign with their agencies, but many may leave, leading to disbandment or irregular group activities. 

TWICE’s contract with JYP expires in 2022. 

Having debuted in 2015, 2022 is the year TWICE members are supposed to extend their contracts. As a result, whether they choose to leave or go has become a hot topic among Kpop fans, and ONCEs (fandom of TWICE) are finding themselves sitting on the edge of their seats. 

The fandom of TWICE are nervous to see if their idols will renew their contract with JYP.

Most fans maintain that TWICE’s career is still faring well under JYP’s management, and thus are firmly confident about the group’s contract renewal. However, some point out that certain members, like Jeongyeon or Chaeyoung, would like to leave, especially when JYP doesn’t allow TWICE to grow their solo career. Even now, the nine girls are still sharing one SNS account, which is a huge hindrance to their separate developments. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • I wouldn’t extend the contract if I’m TWICE. They have earned enough to live comfortably for the rest of their life. To continue as an idol means doing concerts and activities until exhaustion, bearing malicious comments, and not being able to freely date. If they do renew though, that means they must really love their fans. 
  • If 9 members can all agree to re-sign, that’s spectacular. Personally I think that some would want to continue as a group, some would want solo activities, while some are just going to pack up and hide in their hometown. 
  • Most urgent of all, I want Nayeon to have a personal Instagram.. Why is she still using the group account…
  • JYP limits solo activities so there may be several leaving. Sure, there have been some solo photoshoots and commercial films in this last year, but it’s way too late… It’s pretty obvious who will go.
  • TWICE’s loyalty and popularity are both high, but if another company offers them better opportunities and more support then they would want to leave. Sure, it’d be impressive if they all stay, but even if that’s not the case, I hope none of you say anything. JYP probably limits solo activities because he doesn’t want another Suzy – Miss A situation, but TWICE’s treatment was too much. Nayeon would have scored so many CFs and OSts back in 2017-2018, but JYP brushed off all those chances during their prime time. 

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