Top 2 best-dressed female leads in current K-dramas: both chic and expressive 

Despite their two completely different styles, these 2 K-drama female leads boast the most iconic fashion sense. 

K-dramas have always been well-recognized for their impressive fashion game. Not only is the styling pleasant to the eyes, they also help to express different personalities of different characters. Among airing K-dramas, there are 2 female leads that embody this spirit to a T. 

1. Lee Se Young (The Law Cafe)

In “The Law Cafe”, Lee Se Young transforms into a quirky former lawyer, who quitted her job to open a cafe that specializes in legal consultation. Right from the first episodes, this character has flaunts an impressive wardrobe, that goes from sweet and light during university, bold colored blazers as a lawyer, to all sorts of different patterns as a coffee shop owner. 

There’s one thing in common through all her styles, however – Lee Se Young’s character is always in bright colors, reflecting her bubbly and positive image in other people’s eyes. However, as the show goes on, this begs the question, is Lee Se Young’s role truly happy, or are all her gaudy clothes used to cover up an inner pain that stems from her father’s unfair sentence?

2. Seo Ji Hye (Adamas)

With her appearance in “Crash Landing On You”, Seo Ji Hye has been recognized for her classy style that exudes the vibe of a lady from a wealthy family. And now that she’s appearing in “Adamas”, the actress is no less impressive with her clothes as outstanding as a fashion show. 

Once again, Seo Ji Hye is playing a rich lady with a chic wardrobe. However, instead of having feminine touches with soft colors, this character of Seo Ji Hye is minimalistic, mysterious, and even more grim. As a result, she’d go for minimal embellishments, colors, and cuts in “Adamas” – just enough to be classy, with dark tones that are representative of her negative attitude towards life. 

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