TWICE made unique goods by themselves

TWICE made their own goods which are unique in the world. Their fans are extremely excited.

TWICE started selling the “ONCE Halloween” goods online at 10:00 a.m on October 18.

The total number of goodies sold is 35. There were various kinds of cheering bars, such as clothes, posters, photo cards, passport wallets, Echo bags, slogans, etc.

There were also products aimed at the Halloween season. There were tattoo stickers, notes and mugs in the Halloween kit.

Among them, what attracted the fans most is the goods that the members designed by themselves. The most unique goods are those of Jeongyeon and Mina.

The first one is Mina‘s. She developed it from a Migun pot. It is just a good visual to boil ramen noodles.

Meanwhile, Jeongyeon made a pan base. There is a self-contained cellar on the base, which will burn the fans’ desire.

Source: Dispatch

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