Jessica sobbed, “The love that I don’t deserve”… Will she be able to regain the love of fans?

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica got emotional as she thanked her fans. 

During the 5th performance round of “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3 broadcast on July 29th, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica faced a new challenge, leading a team and completing her solo stage at the same time. Living up to the audience’s expectations, Jessica tore up the stage with two performances of “Señorita” (team) and “Dangerous Woman” (solo).

After finishing the stage of “Dangerous Woman”, Jessica expressed her love and gratitude to fans. She couldn’t hold back her tears while delivering the letter she wrote for her fans. The letter reads: 


“My dear fans, it was you who encouraged me from the beginning when I was still young and finding my way around stage. It was you who taught me what unconditional, endless love and commitment is. It was you who made me laugh with all your funny memes of me. It was you who’ve been by my side through thick and thin, highs lows, good and bad times. 

I’m forever grateful for the support and love I feel everyday, love that kept me going when I’m in the brink of giving up, love that has been the shield which protected me from all sorts of danger

All the words in the world cannot express how safe and secure you make me feel. For that, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We’ve certainly come a long way, and I hope we still have a long way to go together. I’m so happy I’m here. I love you.”

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