Turning fragility to power, BLACKPINK’s outstanding mindset amid their busy schedules

In a recent interview with MTV, BLACKPINK members reveal their astounding mindsets as well as sources of power.

On April 18th (local time), an interview of BLACKPINK with MTV magazine was released, where the members disclosed extremely heartfelt words. 

black pink

In particular, BLACKPINK first expressed their gratitude to be able to perform at Coachella,  a place where so many different people who love music gather together. “It means a lot to us to be invited to stand on such a huge stage to represent our language and culture. We hope that our stage inspires people to dream big and we hope that our music shows that music truly goes beyond language”, the girl group also shared. 

At the same time, Jennie revealed that she turns fragility into a source of power, saying, “I think it’s important to face things head-on rather than hesitate with fear when I’m creating. I want to continue being an artist who creates genuinely without any borders.”

Meanwhile, Lisa revealed she had to go out of her comfort zone for her Coachella set. “Everyone goes through their own set of struggles, I believe that everyone can take something valuable from those moments to grow as a person,” the female idol mentioned, adding, “Everything I have gone through has become a foundation for who I am and the artist I want to become.”

On the other hand, Jisoo mentioned her viral “Flower” challenge, and said that she is also sending love to fans in her own way. 

In addition, Rosé explained that on stage, she often felt as if fans were comforting her, and that she is at a stage where self-discover comes with both anxiety and thrills.

Finally, BLACKPINK as a whole also expressed that they get more adrenaline as they get busier. However, they also believe that rest, as well as finding things that give them peace, is crucial. 

Source: MTV

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