TREASURE’s paradoxical story: The title song with 500 million won of investment was ignored while the B-side song caused a craze on TikTok with nearly 500 million views

Not everyone knows that the song that is taking over TikTok these days comes from this group of YG!

Lately, those who are TikTok players must have heard the tune “da da da ra ra ri” at least once. This is actually from a b-side song of YG’s boygroup TREASURE.

Thanks to a very simple and cute dance challenge version, this song has become extremely viral on TikTok. The current hashtag #dararichallenge has gained a total of more than 499 million views and attracted many famous stars to participate.

‘Darari’ is going viral on TikTok with over 499 million views
A lot of people love TREASURE’s Darari tunes
‘Darari’ MV Lyrics – TREASURE

On Korean digital music platforms, ‘Darari‘ is also receiving very positive feedback despite it is only a b-side song and is not invested and promoted as strongly as the title song “JIKJIN“.

Currently, ‘Darari‘ has entered the top 230 Melon Daily Chart, becoming the highest charting song on this chart of TREASURE ever.  ‘Darari‘ has reached more than 12 thousand likes, surpassing JIKJIN’s 10 thousand likes. 

Previously, the MV for the title song ‘JIKJIN‘ by TREASURE was introduced to cost nearly 500 million won.  However, ‘JIKJIN‘ still has a very poor record, on the online music site Melon, this song only stopped at 418th with only 18,000 ULs (Unique Listeners).

The cost to produce an expensive MV with a series of epic car racing scenes, but JIKJIN’s achievements are not commensurate with the money invested in it.

However, now with the virality of ‘Darari’, TREASURE got the first boost in their career and the group’s reputation has increased tremendously.  Turns out this comeback also had significant results.

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