A strange coincidence within the cast of “Business Proposal” was revealed through actor Kim Minkyu’s old career path

Kim Minkyu once pursued a different dream, which actually coincides with the rest of the “Business Proposal” major cast. 

Actor Kim Minkyu has been drawing attention for his outstanding visuals and physique. Before gaining massive popularity after “Business Proposal”, he actually became a hot topic for appearing in “I Can See Your Voice 4”. 

Kim Min Kyu

In this music show, Kim Minkyu boasts a beautiful and emotional singing voice. Therefore, he once attempted to debut as a Kpop idol. 

Kim Min-kyu
Kim Minkyu once trained with the Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN

According to the actor on talk show “Radio Star”, he used to spend a short time preparing to become a Kpop idol, and actually trained alongside the now famous Kpop group SEVENTEEN

Kim min kyu

At the time, he didn’t know what his team would debut as, but stayed and practiced for around a month. 

However, he later realized he wasn’t suited for the idol life and held a deeper passion for acting, thus changing his career path. 

A Business Proposal
Kim Minkyu gained huge attention after “Business Proposal”

After years of effort, Kim Minkyu finally gained attention for his role as the second male lead of “Business Proposal”. There, the actor seems to have reunited with his old passion. 

Kim Min Kyu-A Business Proposal

In particular, Ahn Hyo Seop, who played the male lead Kang Tae Moo of the series, also once trained with Kpop group GOT7. Like Kim Minkyu, the actor once dreamed of becoming an idol. 

A Business Proposal
Kim Minkyu and Ahn Hyo Seop were both idol trainees.

In addition, the second lead actress Seol In Ah was also a Kpop trainee, and used to train under the same company as KARA Heo Young Ji. 

seol in ah

Finally, Kim Se Jeong, who played “Business Proposal” female lead, debuted in Kpop group I.O.I, and later in gugudan. Both of her groups have since disbanded, leaving Kim Se Jeong another member of the cast who turned from idol to actor. 

Kim Se Jeong

It seems that the main cast “Business Proposal” shares more similarities than one may think. 

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