Top Korean beauties that make the longest-lasting impression in the history of MAMA’s red carpet event

These beauties have always made the public flutter every time they appear on the MAMA red carpet

MAMA 2021 is only a few hours away from us. But before welcoming the big stars on the red carpet, let’s take a look at the impressive moments of Korean beauties at this awards ceremony. Over a decade, the number of artists attending MAMA is countless, but not everyone leaves a deep impression like the stars below. Let’s take a look at the list below!

Impressive hairdo and makeup look

Two generations of SM‘s girl groups, SNSD and Red Velvet, never disappoint fans. Although the pictures of Yoona and Taeyeon were taken nearly ten years ago, when looking back, the two female idols are still very beautiful, the makeup is not out of date. By the time of Irene and Joy, their makeup was oriented towards sophistication and elegance, with a focus on the eyes. Thick, long, loosely curly hair also helped to enhance the beauty of the two girls.

Labeled as the “group without visual flaws”, all members of TWICE are very beautiful. Sana and Mina were especially pretty when they had their hair cut short.  As for Tzuyu, perhaps her peak time was at MAMA 2015. At that time, TWICE’s youngest member was not yet 20, but her visuals were already so brilliant.

While TWICE members had youthful and vibrant vibes, “nation’s first love” Suzy was gentle and pure. As for Yuna, the JYP‘s 4th generation visual looked cooler with girlcrush style. Looking back at the photos at MAMA 2019, Yuna was shining with blonde hair.

Impressive outfits

In terms of outfits, actresses or solo artists tend to stand out a bit more. Because they are not bound by any concept compared to members in groups. The lightweight and neat design dresses are the first choice of Korean artists. Lee Da Hee is most different when wearing a trendy white suit, bold lipstick color. 

Many people still think that idols’ charisma cannot be compared to actors, but Soo Young’s case is an exception. The charisma of an idol who has been active for more than 13 years is extremely attractive, especially when Soo Young strode on the red carpet of MAMA 2020 in a red dress and extremely seductive red lipstick. Jang Won Young may not be as charismatic as her seniors, but she still stood out from the crowd thanks to her perfect height and figure, as well as a flattering dress.

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