A brand Chuu used to model for shows support for her after she was removed from LOONA

Although Chuu is no longer signed with this brand, they still support her. 

On November 26th, on its official Instagram, the brand smartsnack shared a post supporting Chuu, who was accused of power abuse by LOONA’s agency Block Berry Creative. In the past, Chuu was selected as a product advertisement model for smartsnack. 


However, Chuu’s contract with smartsnack has ended. Therefore, the brand showing support for Chuu means that they cherish their past relationship with the idol and believe in her.

Smartsnack expressed regret, saying, “We are saddened to hear the news about Chuu, who was the model for our jellies. We hope the truth will be revealed as soon as possible.”

loona chuu

Netizens commented, “Looking at this, I feel that Chuu has lived very nicely” and “Even a brand no longer works with her supports her. She must be a very nice person.”

Previously, on November 25th, Block Berry Creative released a statement that reads, “Chuu has abused her power and used violent language towards the staff of our agency, and as of today, we have decided to expel Chuu as a member of LOONA. The company representatives are apologizing and comforting the staff, and we also apologize to the fans.”

Source: wikitree

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