The hair-standing psychopathic killer in “Somebody”: Kim Young Kwang actually stole viewers tears with Park Bo Young in star-crossed romance “On Your Wedding Day” 

Funny childhood love stories and extension into modeling are several highlights in actor Kim’s history in the industry. 

The 8-episode Netflix crime thriller “Somebody”  is gaining growing interest for a compelling plot and because of the leading man Kim Young Kwang, who plays Seong Yun O, an attractive front as a disguise for his psychopathic self. He makes use of a social connecting app called ‘Somebody’ to do his twisted murders. 

This murderer role is, in fact, a big step of change for Kim Young Kwang as it is his first time taking up such a role. 

kim young kwang somebody
Kim Young Kwang as the pathological killer in “Somebody”. Image: Netflix

Drenched the tears of viewers in a movie success with Park Bo Young 

In his long 14 years of acting, the actor has taken up different roles including the villain. Nonetheless, it is the warm and deeply-in-love image of a guy that stays with the viewers. 

Kim Young Kwang’s filmography totals at 28 film projects with “On Your Wedding Day” co-starring Park Bo Young as his most memorable work. 

kim young kwang park bo young on your wedding day
Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young in “On Your Wedding Day”. Image: Megabox Plus M 

The movie tells a story of a pair of star-crossed lovers between a beautiful Hwan Seung Hee and an unruly but kind Hwang Woo Yeon. Woo Yeon falls for Seung Hee at first sight and gets closer to her after one class-skipping day. 

However, their story is not one with a happy ending. Hwang Woo Yeon receives the wedding invitation from Hwan Seung Hee one day when he still has feelings for her. Nonetheless, he understands that their relationship is not one that lasts a lifetime but one that helps him grow and mature. The memories of Hwan Seung Hee lie within Hwang Woo Yeon. 

kim young kwang park bo young on your wedding day
Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young brought a tear-jerking yet heart-warming love story. Image: Megabox Plus M 

The pair of actors showed great acting chops and their chemistry became a crucial factor in the movie’s box-office success recorded at 21.1 million USD. 

Other notable works of the actor include Han Tae Sung in “Love Rain” beside Yoona and Jang Geun Suk, Seo Beom Jo in “Pinocchio” co-starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, Ki Yoo Jin in “Room No. 9” alongside Kim Hee Sun or Jang Do Han in “The Guardians” with Lee Si Young. 

kim young kwang yoona love rain
Kim Young Kwang as Han Tae Sung in “Love Rain”. Image: KBS 
Kim Young Kwang with the cast members of “Pinocchio”. Image: SBS 

Funny stories of Young Kwang’s first love 

While Kim Young Kwang usually plays the roles of male characters ready to sacrifice for love, he revealed in an 2015 interview to be slightly different in real life: 

“I am the kind of person who works for my life goals. I actually am not kind nor have a simple heart similar to the characters I took over. Nonetheless, I always strive to be a warm and caring man.

When I have a girlfriend, I want to cook for her myself and make plans to go somewhere together. I want her to feel happy with me.” 

kim young kwang
Kim Young Kwang had some noteworthy sharing surrounding his personal romances. Image: Kim Young Kwang’s Instagram 

During his appearance with Park Bo Young on SBS “Night of Real Entertainment” to promote for “On Your Wedding Day” in 2018, the actor had some interesting stories to share about his first love, in six grade: 

“She helped me a lot with math. She outlined specific scores and if I achieved it, I got a gift. At the time, I felt very excited and was determined to learn. However, in the last few questions of the test, I did not remember the solutions. I cried in the middle of the class.”

kim young kwang

The actor’s success in modeling

Kim Young Kwang is also an accomplished model in the industry with some impressive achievements. 

kim young kwang
Kim Young Kwang is also successful as a model. Image: MAXXIJ, wingzero5@naver

He has the honor to wear Alexander McQueen’s design and walked the stage of the famous Vivienne Westwood, the pioneer of punk fashion.  Actor Kim also wore sophisticated outfits from Etro, a luxury Italian brand. In 2008, Kim Young Kwang became the first Asian model to walk the Dior Homme stage. 

Source: k14

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