Heartwarming photos recently posted by an actress who confessed to being pregnant before marriage 

An actress who confessed to premarital pregnancy shared her feelings about having a daughter.

Actress Seo Young posted two pictures of her on her Instagram on November 25th with the caption, “11.24 I finally became a mother”.

Seo Young

In the photos, Seo Young is making a happy expression while looking at her daughter. She covered her face with a mask, but the fondness and joy in her eyes is clearly visible. 

She said, “I met a very healthy princess through natural birth. She came out a few days earlier than the scheduled date, but I’m holding a very healthy 3.37kg daughter in my arms. My husband cheered me up and cried more than I did because it was a family delivery room. It was an unforgettable moment because we accomplished it together.”

Seo Young

Seo Young revealed her thoughts on childbirth, saying, “I endured the pain I had never experienced before, tearing my hair apart without a chance to grab my husband’s hair. The baby came out well, so it was worth building up strength through usual exercises.” 

Seo Young

She added, “I can’t explain how I feel. My husband and I are spending our second day as parents as of today. We will raise her well in good health. I’ll take care of myself and come back looking great. Thank you for everything.”

When the news broke, netizens reacted enthusiastically by leaving messages of congratulations.

Seo Young

Netizens wrote on Seo Young’s Instagram, “Sincerely congratulations”, “You’ve worked hard. Congratulations. May your daughter grow up healthy”, “You look so cool and I can’t help but cry. Congratulations”, “Congratulations on the delivery,” among many comments. 

After debuting in the 2006 MBC drama “What’s Up Fox”, Seo Young made her face known by appearing in tvN’s “Roller Coaster”, and SBS’s “Dr. Romantic.” 

Seo Young

She married a non-celebrity a year younger than her last June, and made headlines when she confessed to her pregnancy ahead of the wedding.

Source: Wikitree

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