Top 5 Netflix Korean series with the highest score on IMDb

A year with a series of Korean films storming the world cinema market!  So let’s take a look at the list of 5 series that made the biggest impact this year.

Up to now, there have been about 15 Korean dramas produced exclusively by the popular streaming platform Netflix. This number is significantly small compared to the number of dramas released a year through television networks in Korea. However, the quality of the Netflix Korean series is not at all average. Indeed, they are even more attractive to viewers and get many positive reactions. Let’s find out which are the Top 5 Korean series produced by Netflix with the highest scores on IMDb.

5th place: Extracurricular (7.7 point)

The storyline of Extracurricular takes place at a school but the drama does not give off cheerful vibes. Instead, it explores the hidden dark side of high schoolers in a very direct way.

Although there are still small flaws that affect the overall quality of the series, Extracurricular is still highly appreciated by the viewers for its bold and exciting way of portraying a story set in school. The drama’s topic would certainly be difficult to be broadcast on mass television channels. Extracurricular received 3 nominations at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards and won one thanks to Park Ju Hyun winning the New Actress in the TV category.

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4th place: Squid Game (8.3 point)

Despite topping Netflix’s trending in more than 10 countries and even trending No.1 in the US, Squid Game currently only receives an average review score of 8.3. The drama is getting a huge amount of attention but couldn’t score as high as expected due to the controversy over the plot plagiarising some Japanese survival productions. In addition, the survival element in Squid Game is not as deep as the psychological factor, so it also partly causes disappointment for the viewers.

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However, it’s undeniable how appealing and viral Squid Game is, as social media platforms in many countries are constantly filled with posts related to this Netflix series. Sometimes, the review score or rating wouldn’t matter that much if a production already achieved such a huge commercial success.

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3rd place: Kingdom (8.4 point)

The two lead actors, Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doo Na could already guarantee the quality of Kingdom. Previously, the zombie genre was only done by Korean producers in theatrical films, so bringing it to the small screen was a wise and exciting decision of Netflix Korea. In this list, Kingdom is the only series that has been produced for up to 2 seasons and also has a special sidequel called Kingdom: Ashin of the North starring Jun Ji Hyun.

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Currently, it is not known if Kingdom will have season 3, but if it does, it will probably continue to attract the attention of viewers like the first two seasons. The series was also excellently nominated at the prestigious 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards for Best TV drama.

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2nd place: D.P (8.5 point)

The idea that the topic in the army would be boring, but when it was released, D.P surprised the public because of its smooth and attractive content and details. The 6 episodes of this drama are the different life stories of young men who live in hiding because they reluctantly had to escape from the army for their own reasons. In addition, it also directly reflects the series of dark sides that have been talked about but persisted year after year in the Korean military.

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After a series of unsuccessful films, the male god Jung Hae In had a spectacular return in the image of a handsome, stylish and strong soldier. Besides Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan or Kim Sung Kyun also fulfill their roles well and have a natural interaction with their partners. Jung Hae In also expressed that he really wants the show to be produced for a season 2, although Korean Netflix has not yet made any move on this.

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1st place: Move To Heaven 8.6

Not very popular but I assure everyone that Mocr To Heaven is a worthy movie to watch with its human content and top-notch acting.  If you love the healing film series that is trending in Korea, then this is definitely a movie not to be missed.  It’s not of course that it surpassed the other famous names to become the No. 1 Korean Netflix movie on IMDb.

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Following Move To Heaven, everyone will be healed by the mutual dependence between two strangers: an uncle who has just returned to normal life after serving time in prison and a young man in his twenties who has been autism. These two roles were played by Lee Je Hoon and Tang Joon Sang in a more perfect way.  Not only that, but the touching stories of the deceased through each episode will also easily take away anyone’s tears. If Move To Heaven has caused a “storm” in the upcoming Baeksang, it will not be surprised.

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In the near future, Korean Netflix will also release many other highly anticipated films such as My Name by Han So Hee or The Silent Sea by Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na. So surely this war will have a significant change. Let’s wait until the day the new movies air and we will meet again at the end of the year to summarize the best Korean Netflix movies in 2021 in particular, as well as in history in general.

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