Netflix’s “Squid Game” became a new trend, not only in Korea but all around the world!

The Netflix original series ‘Squid Game’ is gaining popularity worldwide, and various products in the drama are also attracting attention.

On the 24th, SBS News reported that the products in the drama ‘Squid Game’ are also gaining popularity. Accordingly, ‘Squid Game’ became the first Korean drama to top the US Netflix popularity rankings.

Thanks to this popularity, on eBay, an online auction site, T-shirts worn by the protagonists were selling for about $40 (about 47,000 won). Including the shipping cost, the total price is more than 50,000 won. However, many netizens still want to get it. 

squid game

In addition, the price of an old lunch box is about 40,000 Korean won, 10 times more expensive than the price at domestic online stores. 

Among them, ‘Dalgona Gacha’ is especially popular. It has become a new trend these days. You can easily find videos of international netizens making dalgona on YouTube. A kit for making dalgona was sold for about $30 (about 35,000 won).

squid game
squid game

With the success of the film, the cast’s fame skyrocketed as well. If the number of “likes” on Jung Ho Yeon‘s SNS was about 30,000 at the beginning of the year, following “Squid Game,” the number has risen to over 700,000.

Particularly in Korea, Netflix has aggressively promoted this work. Many models of Squid Game have sprouted up in the entertainment areas of young people, drawing a considerable number of people to check-in. Videos about Squid Game-related locations are already generating tens of millions of views on TikTok alone, demonstrating the movie’s popularity.

The scenario from the film is similarly recreated inside a Korean amusement park, complete with pink-dressed security guards.

Remember the doll with the haunting music that appeared in episode 1 of Squid Game?

squid game

The piggy bank with tens of billions of won is also recreated.

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