Former AOA member Kwon Min-ah attacked Shin Ji-min again, “Everyone, even the agency, was on the same team”

Kwon Min-ah mentioned AOA’s former leader Shin Ji-min again.

On February 10th, Kwon Min-ah, a former member of girl group AOA, screenshotted and revealed a messenger conversation between her an acquaintance on her Instagram. The screenshotted conversation showed sympathy for Kwon Min-ah’s position.

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Along with the photos, Kwon Min-ah mentioned what happened during AOA activities, saying, “One person went out. Even when Shin suddenly said ‘Crazy XX’, I couldn’t go out because I was trying to soothe her because she said she wouldn’t appear on the broadcast after we fought”, adding, “On the day she had some problems with her boyfriend, she didn’t appear so I and 2 other members had to go on a reality show instead. In the case of another person, her father visited the company and showed her medical certificate for two weeks.”

kwon mina

She emphasized her argument, saying, “There is one more person who is not mentioned in this text history. She was bullied a lot during trainee days so her personality was affected”. Kwon Min-ah continued, “However, they were only not as patient as I was. I was such a fool. I didn’t return as much as I received but I didn’t even get a sincere apology and have never asked for it. I can’t even coolly forgive her for the 9~10 years… 1/3 of my life has been ruined but in the end, I was labeled with the image of a perpetrator because of those abusive text messages. If I said I’m not feeling unfair at all, it would be a lie”.

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Kwon Min-ah talked about unfair things arising from her relationship with Shin Ji-min during AOA activities, saying, “Even when my father was about to pass away, someone dragged me to the closet and nagged me. Someone was having a hard time while participating in Unpretty Rapstar, so she went to the dance room and cried. Everyone had to gather and comfort her. Of course, I didn’t do anything well, but it doesn’t mean that person was innocent”

Kwon Min-ah then revealed her position, saying, “I will definitely listen to the whole recording”, adding, “To be fair, I should have filmed a video. I’m talking about her eyes and her appearance of not feeling apologetic. Isn’t it possible to make speculations if only voices are put in it?”

kwon mina

She then mentioned her former agency, FNC Entertainment, and said, “Many people cried when hearing my talks. When I was overwhelmed with sorrow, my anger burst… Did you just give the transcripts to Dispatch because you filmed the scene but didn’t have much to do with it? They told me to reveal it through articles and asked me not to lie so I said I would check it out. When the team leader of the F company said, ‘There is nothing, right?’, everyone suddenly said the same thing”.

Meanwhile, in July 2020, Kwon Min-ah revealed that she was continuously bullied by Shin Ji-min when they were working together as AOA members. After that, Shin Ji-min left AOA and suspended her activities.

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