Chinese netizens spread dating rumors between Jennie and a powerful man in the fashion industry

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly caught up in dating rumors with Simon Porte Jacquemus right after receiving criticism for her performance at a recent concert.

Recently, a series of photos between Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Jacquemus brand founder – Simon Porte Jacquemus were suddenly shared by Chinese bloggers on Weibo.

Even the keyword “Jennie passionately kissed a man (Simon Porte Jacquemus)” was at the top of Weibo search for a long time. Immediately, some bloggers relied on this series of photos to spread rumors that Jennie was in a new romantic relationship with the founder of Jacquemus.

The keyword “Jennie passionately kissed a man” reached the top search on Weibo
Blogger spread rumors that Jennie is in a new relationship with the founder of Jacquemus

The aforesaid dating rumor surfaced shortly after Jennie’s new controversy erupted. On the 14th and 15th of this month, BLACKPINK held the Born Pink concert in Hong Kong. Immediately following the event, a series of videos capturing Jennie’s performance at the two concerts drew a lot of attention from the Chinese public. And, according to many Chinese internet users, Jennie’s performance was less than enthusiastic. Furthermore, there is speculation that the female artist was exhausted from her hectic schedule.

And Jennie’s series of photos taken with Simon Porte Jacquemus made the female singer receive heavier criticism. Some netizens said that Jennie, because she was busy in love so she neglected to practice with her teammates, leading to an unprofessional performance on stage.

blackpink jennie hongkong
Jennie received criticism for ‘slacking off’ in Hong Kong
Some netizens also sarcastically said, “Queen Jennie is becoming a trending face on Weibo for slacking off again at Hong Kong concert. Poor Jennie must be tired without her boyfriend by her side.”

However, it is not difficult to realize that the rumor that Jennie is dating Simon Porte Jacquemus is not true. Jennie and Simon are close friends, and fans have known this for a long time. Before that, Simon personally invited Jennie to a party in Hawaii. It can be affirmed that Jennie’s kiss for Simon simply shows the close friendship between the two.

The photo of Jennie ‘kissing’ Simon has been circulating since about a month ago. In fact, this is just a way of showing the close friendship between the two
Blackpink Jennie Jacquemus
The founder of Jacquemus is a close friend of Jennie. The singer used to attend many of Simon’s shows to support her close friend. It can be affirmed that the information that Jennie – Simon is dating is just fake news

Source: K14

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