“The Glory” Cha Joo Young proves she’s a “born beauty” with childhood photos

Cha Joo Young, who rose to fame with the Netflix drama “The Glory”, boasted an extraordinary beauty from the very beginning.

On May 5th, which is children’s day in Korea, actress Cha Joo Young drew attention by posting several photos of her childhood on her official Instagram account. Through the photos, the actress easily proved that she was a “born beauty”.


In particular, Cha Joo Young greeted her fans with a cute tone, saying, “I hope all the children in the world are happy,” and revealed her quirky charm by adding, “Child, adult, aka troublemaker + troublemaker, it’s all love from the troublemaker village and troublemaker world.”

Cha Joo Young also wrote, “hoping that I can do something for children who need help and love someday”, adding, “Until then, young children, please endure and grow well no matter how difficult the situation may be.”


Furthermore, the actress said, “I’ll also try to be an adult who can help when you reach out a little,” as well as conveyed her love for children by saying, “You should receive love when it’s time to be loved.”

In the revealed photos, a little Cha Joo Young can be seen wearing a white lace dress, showing off her princess-like charm in front of a mirror, surprising her fans.

As a young child, Cha Joo Young can be seen wearing bold makeup in one photo, and boasting fair skin and a cute bob hairstyle in another.

Meanwhile, netizens who encountered Cha Joo Young’s past photos showed their admiration and left comments such as “Her angel-like childhood is totally different from her appearance in ‘The Glory'”, “Unnie, you’re so pretty,” and “Born beauty certified.”

Meanwhile, after “The Glory”, Cha Joo Young is currently starring in the drama “The Real Has Come!” 

Source: Insight

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