Seolhyun wins Best Lead Actress award for Summer Strike at LA WEBFEST 2023 yet sparking controversy

Seolhyun receives major film award but still criticized by audience for her acting skills

On May 6, according to Theo Herald Pop, idol Seolhyun was honored with the Best Lead Actress award for her role in the web series Summer Strike at the LA WEBFEST 2023 (The Los Angeles Web Series Festival). This is known as the world’s largest web series awards ceremony, held in the US on May 4-5. To receive this award, Seolhyun had to overcome four other nominees: Paula Patton, Michole Briana White, Sylvia Hoeks, and fellow Korean actress Song Ha Yoon.


Summer Strike is a series on the Genie TV platform, but it gained wider popularity after being licensed to Netflix. The healing story follows the journey to find rest and purpose of young people, with the main characters being Yeo Rum (played by Kim Seolhyun) and Dae Bum (played by Im Si Wan). The series was highly praised for its drama and especially the convincing acting of the male lead. Seolhyun, the Kpop “body goddess,” made notable progress in her acting skills in this work. However, audiences still do not rate her performance highly, as she was once heavily criticized for her acting skills. Therefore, Seolhyun receiving this award has caused some controversy. While fans acknowledge her progress, they believe that she is not yet deserving of this award.


Audience comments include:

  • Congratulations, but I think her acting is just okay.
  • Seolhyun used to act very badly, has she improved that much? I haven’t seen this series, so I’m genuinely asking.
  • Is this news accurate? I think Si Wan was the one carrying the team.
  • Her acting has improved, but not to the extent of winning this award.

Seolhyun is a member of the AOA girl group. She is favored with nicknames such as “body goddess” and “Kpop goddess” for her captivating appearance and attractive figure. In terms of acting, she is not too bad, but she is often criticized for her inconsistent performance and being overshadowed by supporting actors despite being given lead roles. Her notable film projects include Orange Marmalade, The Great Battle, and My Country.

Source: k14

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