Han Hye Jin, who was criticized for “Blue House photoshoot”, mentioned her ex-boyfriend 

Famous model Han Hye Jin wished her ex-boyfriend to eat well and live well

On September 2nd, a video titled “Online housewarming, the bedroom to bathroom of Han Hye Jin, who lives alone”, was published on Han Hye Jin YouTube channel. 

In the video, the model introduced her 2-story house, which is located in Gangnam. She also shared: “For the first time in my life, I’m having an online housewarming party. I appeared on ‘I Live Alone’ before, but it only showed parts of my house. 

Later on, Han Hye Jin, who was showing her clothes in the dressing room, wore a hat with rabbit ears and said: “This is my favorite hat”.

She then mentioned her ex-boyfriend, saying: “You wanna hear something really funny? I bought two of these to use as a couple, but we broke up. My ex-boyfriend, eat well and live well.”

Previously, Han Hye Jin appeared in Vogue’s “Blue House photoshoot”, which was taken at a building of Korea’s main governmental office. The pictorial was embroiled in controversies, seeing that it features designs from a Japanese designer and failed to honor Korean traditional elements despite its setting. 

As a result, Han Hye Jin was also criticized, especially as she remained silent about the issue and promoted her YouTube channel instead. 

Source: wikitree

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