Actors cast as Lee Sun Kyun and IU in “My Mister” Chinese remake unveiled, Chinese netizens give mixed reactions

On May 6th, the poster for “My Mister” Chinese remake was posted on the Weibo account of actor Mark Chao.


Earlier, Taiwanese media ettoday reported that the Chinese remake of “My Mister” had started filming its filming process, expected to last for 4 months, in Qingdao, China since April.

Park Dong Woon (played by Lee Sun Kyun in the Korean version), the main character of “My Mister”, will be played by Taiwanese actor Mark Chao.


Mark Chao is a familiar name to the public as he portrayed the role of Manager Oh in “Ordinary Glory”, the Chinese remake of the Korean drama “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”.

In addition, rookie actress Liu Hao Cun, who debuted in director Zhang Yimou’s movie “One Second”, will be in charge of Lee Ji An, portrayed by IU in the original work.


Seeing Mark Chao directly release the poster of “My Mister” Chinese remake on his SNS, Chinese drama fans raised high expectations, saying “They cast the right people”, “The vibe is similar to the original work”, etc.

However, there are also negative reactions, such as “I’m worried about the acting skills of the female lead actress”, “I really like the original drama so I hope they don’t remake it”, etc.


Meanwhile, “My Mister”, released on tvN in 2018, tells the story of three middle-aged brothers who endure the weight of life and a woman who suffers hardships healing the wounds of each other.

It is not only considered one of the best dramas about life but also a masterpiece that has been recognized with Best Drama and Best Screenplay wins at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Source: Insight

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