aespa Winter’s hair and styling in new teaser disappoints fans, “Other members are pretty”

Girl group aespa recently unveiled a new teaser for their new song, “Spicy”, but Winter’s styling sparks mixed responses. 

On May 7th, SM Entertainment released the music video teaser for “Spicy”, the title track of aespa’s third mini-album “MY WORLD” through their official YouTube channel.


This teaser video features stylish visuals reminiscent of a high-teen movie, and tells the story of strange events happening to aespa, who returns to the REAL WORLD from KWANGYA. Here, aespa members show off visuals like high-teen heroines with a sporty yet refreshing styling.

However, some netizens expressed disappointment at Winter’s short hairstyle and outfit, saying, “It’s quite a shame.”


One fan voiced their disappointment with everything except Winter’s makeup, leaving comments such as, “Other members’ hair looks pretty, but Winter’s hair looks stiff” on an online community.

Meanwhile, another netizen claimed, “It’s just infuriating now. I wish the hair stylist would come to their senses. Winter’s hair has been consistently controversial since the salon change.”


Others also expressed dissatisfaction with Winter’s outfit, which featured a tennis skirt and scarf, saying, “Winter’s facial expression looks upset” and “It’s a complete mess. The outfit is also weird.”

On the other hand, aespa’s title “Spicy” is a dance song with a powerful synth bass sound and dynamic beat. It offers a new atmosphere different from the strong music aespa has presented previously, showcasing each member’s unique vocals.

aespa’s third mini-album “MY WORLD” will be released on May 8th.

Source: Insight

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