Top 5 best horror Korean dramas to watch on Halloween

The following horror Korean series are great options to binge watch on the upcoming Halloween.

When it comes to Korean dramas, most viewers will think of the iconic series of the romance genre with dreamy, emotional and tear-jerking scenes. However, there are also many spooky Korean series of the fantasy horror and mystery genre that have achieved much success thanks to their entertaining and terrifying storylines. As Halloween is approaching, let’s take a look at 5 most thrilling horror K-dramas that you should not miss out this Halloween. 

Strangers From Hell

Strangers From Hell is the perfect series to binge watch during Halloween. Based on a webtoon series of the same name, “Strangers From Hell” depicts the story of Yoon Jong Woo (Im Si Wan), a young man in his 20s, who moves to Seoul after being recruited as an intern for a small company. To save money, Jong Woo decides to live in a cheap dormitory, where there are abnormal and creepy neighbors. At this place, Yoon Jong Woo always receives  help from the dentist Seo Moon Jo (Lee Dong Wook). However, the horrifying truth begins to be unveiled when mysterious events start taking place, causing Jong Woo to grow suspicious and fearful of other residents.

Horror Korean Dramas

Strangers From Hell is rated 15+ because of the haunting scenes involving the male lead’s odd house mates. There are even episodes that are rated 19+. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers that are suspenseful and unexpected, Strangers From Hell will definitely leave you satisfied.


Goedam is an 8-episode horror short series that contains many gripping plot twists even though each episode is only about 5 minutes long. Goedam tells the stories of victims living in the same urban area in Korea. With suspenseful scenes, dark color scheme and creepy sound effects, Goedam is undoubtedly a suitable pick for Halloween night. The build-up and release of tension in the show will send shivers down your spine.

Horror Korean Dramas

The topics in Goedam are familiar and yet can still please the fans of the horror genre. If you expect to see deformed, disturbing characters, bloody violence and jump-scares, Goedam got it all. Don’t watch this series at night because there’s a high chance you will get haunted in your sleep.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is the next Korean fantasy, action and horror film that I would like to introduce to you this Halloween. Sweet Home is a 10-episode drama about what happened in the Green Home apartment building. It revolves around Cha Hyun Su (played by Song Kang), a high school student who experiences many ups and downs in his life.

Horror Korean Dramas

It all starts when Cha Hyun Su moves into an old apartment building in a suburb called Green Home. He immerses himself in games to forget reality. However, he later discovers that his neighbor has strange expressions and he has to face a great threat from a strange disease that turns human beings into monsters. 

If you like dramas that need to ponder, Sweet Home is definitely for you. As for me, it is a bit illogical, but if you want to watch and deduce at the same time, it is still great for Halloween. Actually, this film should be watched a few days in advance as it is too long to enjoy on Halloween night. 


The zombie series Kingdom must be no stranger to movie nerds. After 3 seasons, Kingdom has become one of the most popular names in the genre of fiction, adventure and horror. Kingdom is set in the Joseon Dynasty when the Korean Peninsula was being threatened by internal and external enemies as well as the impact of natural disasters and epidemics. For those who like zombie films such as The Walking Dead, please watch it right away. I think the focus of Kingdom is on the historical genre because the filmmakers often prefer modern or futuristic settings. 

Horror Korean Dramas

I find that the most novel thing about Kingdom is to bring the zombie genre back to ancient times and explain the cause of the birth of zombies as well as their motives and characteristics from a convincing scientific perspective. In addition, Kingdom also makes a difference when building the fiction genre but still conveys many profound messages. So it will definitely be suitable for you to watch on Halloween night. 

The Cursed 

The last on the list of spiritual foods I would like to recommend you to enjoy on Halloween is The Cursed. It tells the story of Im Jin Hee, a reporter full of enthusiasm who always live up to ideals and justice steadfastly. The Cursed is about Jin Hee’s investigation into the evil force behind Korea’s largest IT group called Forest. During her investigation, she finds a spiritual consulting firm closely related to it. In the process of trying to uncover the secret behind Forest, Im Jin Hee meets So Jin, who is possessed by a spirit and has a special ability.

Compared to the previous films, I think The Cursed lacks the fantasy horror element, but it will definitely give you chills from the raw consternations.

In this complicated epidemic situation, there is nothing better than enjoying good dramas and sipping your favorite snacks on Halloween, right? If you have not seen these above-mentioned works, please check them out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And if you know any other Korean series that are suitable to watch on Halloween, please share them with me in the comment section below. 


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