Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Rule the Hair Dye Game: BTS Suga, BLACKPINK Rosé, And More

Discover 10 K-pop idols who dye their hair the most. 

K-pop is known for its ever-changing trends and eye-catching visuals. One aspect that constantly captivates fans is the vibrant and dynamic hair colors sported by idols. 

According to Koreaboo, here’s the top 10 K-pop idols who dye their hair the most. 

Topping the list is Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation.


Over a decade since her debut, Hyoyeon has experimented with a multitude of unique hair colors. Her hair color transformations go beyond the conventional full-head dyeing, often incorporating ombre, galaxy, and blended shades. It’s truly a testament to her boldness.

Coming in at No.2 is BLACKPINK Rosé. After initially exploring darker tones during the early stages of her debut, Rosé has been sticking to bleached hair, which beautifully accentuates her features, since 2019. 


Rosé has continuously mesmerized fans with her ever-changing array of light smoky shades, ranging from delicate pink to vibrant purple, orange, and platinum blonde. However, maintaining such bright hair colors requires frequent dyeing and bleaching, leaving fans worried about the toll it takes on Rosé’s scalp.

Taking the 3rd spot is Hongjoong from ATEEZ, who effortlessly rocks an extensive range of hair transformations, encompassing both warm and cool tones. 


Alongside his dynamic hairstyle changes, he maintains a consistent dedication to experimenting with different colors, resulting in a collection of red, green, pink, and gray. 

At No.4, we have EXO Baekhyun. Throughout the years, Baekhyun has continuously astonished fans with his visually stunning hair colors. 


With his handsome visuals, Baekhyun effortlessly pulls off any hair color, be it vibrant or subtle. His transformations consistently leave fans swooning over his incredible versatility.

Following Baekhyun closely is BTS Suga, who possesses fair skin and a small face. Since his early debut days, Suga’s distinctive hair colors have become synonymous with his persona, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next hair transformation.


Taking the 6th spot is NCT Taeyong. With a face resembling a character straight out of a comic book, Taeyong receives praise each time he changes his hair color, reminiscent of an anime main character. From sea blue to vibrant green, strawberry red to fiery orange, and even burnt orange, there’s no color Taeyong can’t conquer.


7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th places go to TXT Yeonjun, Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih, fromis_9 Nagyung, and ATEEZ Mingi, respectively. These 4th gen idols diligently embrace the art of transforming their hair colors, constantly reinventing themselves to suit their groups’ concepts.

Source: Koreaboo. 

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