This mysterious character in BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” music video turns out to be Lisa

The making film of BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” music video has been released.

In the making film of “Pink Venom” music video, BLACKPINK can be seen leading the scene with a bright and pleasant atmosphere throughout. In particular, Jennie and Lisa, who impress fans with their old-school hip-hop vibes’ rap on the boom bap beat, made fans laugh with their lovely side off-cam.

Rose appeared with an electric guitar and Jisoo as a fascinating vampire. Aside from their free-spirited swag, the girls also amazed viewers with their perfect group choreography and sharp movements.

It was also revealed that Lisa was one of the mysterious figures in black during the scene of Jisoo’s geomungo (a traditional Korean musical instrument) performance. After filming the scene, she took off the goggles that covered her face and smiled at the camera, adding to the fans’ enjoyment.

The music video of “Pink Venom” is receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans as it boasts a spectacular visual beauty with the highest production cost ever spent by YG. BLACKPINK’s unlimited ability to digest all kinds of concepts and powerful performance on a variety of sets as well as props that give the audience a glimpse of Korea’s unique beauty, such as Geomungo and the sundial, made viewers unable to take their eyes off of the video.

The “Pink Venom” music video has surpassed 80 million views in 21 hours after being released on YouTube at 1 p.m. on August 19th (Korea Standard Time), ranking first as “The most watched video in 24 hours.”

Their digital game is also going strong. On the first day of its release, “Pink Venom” topped iTunes song charts in 69 countries and topped major music charts such as Bugs, Vibes and Genie in Korea. In the Melon Top 100, which has been changed to a 24-hour usage and real-time user aggregation method, the track quickly entered the top ranks.

Source: daum

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