This K-drama couple drove viewers to tears: excellent acting, drastic transformation

An ongoing K-drama is garnering a lot of attention for its moving plot and impressive acting skills of the main couple. 

Among various projects that are airing on the Korean screen during the year-end, the web-drama “Recipe for Farewell”, which follows the life of a middle-aged couple, stands out. With no flashy set or intricate storyline, “Recipe for Farewell” feature actress Kim Seo Hyung, who starred in “Mine”, and Han Suk Kyu, who made a deep impression with “Dr. Romantic”. 

Recipe for Farewel
Recipe for Farewel

In the aforementioned series. Han Suk Kyu transforms into Chang Wook, a translator and university professor. Wholly dedicated to his career, Chang Wook paid little attention to his family, only to realize that his wife Jung Da Jung (Kim Seo Hyung) is suffering from terminal bowel cancer. Now, she struggles to eat, and asks Chang Wook to cook for her. As a result, Chang Wook realizes that he has been heartless to his wife, and decides to do all his might to make up for her by learning to cook daily meals that are warm with his feelings. 

Recipe for Farewel

“Recipe for Farewell” adopts a plot that cannot be simpler, yet delivers extremely heartfelt messages that can drive the audience to tears. At the same time, viewers of the series cannot hold back from praising the excellent portrayal of Kim Seo Hyung and Han Suk Kyu.

On the other hand, many people are impressed with Kim Seo Hyung’s drastic transformation. The actress is known for playing cold, cunning, and sharp roles, as shown through projects like “Mine”, “Nobody Knows”, “SKY Castle”, and so on. Now, however, she assumes a dedicated wife on the verge of life and death, who has a lot of soft edges, sorrows, and love. 

Recipe for Farewel

Another charm of “Recipe for Farewell” is that the drama goes deep into the process of cooking homemade meals. While there are no fancy dishes, the cinematography, editing, and embedded messages tickle the tummy of viewers and warm their hearts. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It is such a beautiful and emotional show. It has been a really long time since I cry that hard watching something
  • This is my first time watching this genre, but I whole-heartedly enjoy it. While somber, I don’t think the series is sad. Rather, it feels as comforting and healing as a hug. 
  • Sweet and soothing yet lingering. The main couple’s acting make me unconsciously smile
  • I can easily say this is the best K-drama of the year! Han Suk Kyu’s soft voice, Kim Seo Hyung’s light-hearted acting, such a beautiful series! There are some moments that make me sad, but it is really a must-watch! 

Source: k14

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