This female Kpop idol was kicked out from a K-drama half-way through, replaced by a less talented actress?

Despite being replaced, this female Kpop-idol is praised for her polite reaction

Very rarely would a K-drama replace its leading actors or actresses half-way through. In most of these cases, it’s due to said actors and actresses having serious scandals. However, in the case of “Five Fingers”, which aired 10 years ago, an actress got kicked out of the project despite her scandal turning out to be fake. 

five fingers
Eun Jung at a pression conference for “Five Fingers”

In particular, “Five Fingers” originally included T-ARA member Eun Jung in the cast, who appeared at various promotional events for this K-drama, and have been featured in 3 episodes. However, due to one particular scandal, the audience suddenly finds another face taking on Eun Jung’s role in the series.

According to SBS at the time, it was Eun Jung who chose to withdraw from the project herself. However, Eun Jung’s agency said otherwise, claiming that they never received any information about the idol’s departure, and that she was even practicing the piano for her character just one day prior. 

five fingers

At the time, Eun Jung was embroiled in a serious scandal, so it is speculated that SBS let her go in order to secure their sponsors. In particular, Eun Jung, alongside her group T-ARA, was accused of bullying a member, Hwayoung. It was only years later that the truth came out, and Eun Jung’s acting later on in the series simply gathered dust and was never revealed. 

Most impressive of all though, has been Eun Jung’s reaction to the fiasco in the end. 

ham eun jung

“I don’t want to continue with the mindset that I’m a victim and hurted. In hindsight, my company must have suffered a lot because of me. I also really appreciate KEMA’s determination to protect his artists,” the T-ARA member said. 

She then continued: “Everything is in the past now, I hope that this can end well.”

jin se yeon

Eun Jung’s replacement in “Five Fingers” were later revealed to be Jin Se Yeon, who is praised for her beauty by SBS itself. Gorgeous as she was, Jin So Yeon would fit the drama perfectly, had it not been for her acting abilities being way below Eun Jung. In fact, Jin Se Yeon still hasn’t established a name for herself after many years, and her name is always mentioned among “Worst K-drama Actresses” lists. 

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