“This is too bold,” This celebrity took a shocking picture while covering only the important parts

A celebrity is drawing keen attention after releasing a shockingly revealing photo. 

She is Aiki (Kang Hye In), the leader of HOOK dance crew.

On Nov 11th, Aiki posted several photos on her Instagram with a caption, saying, “I’m becoming smooth, like you.” The photo posted shows Aiki posing boldly with only a thin jacket on her bare body. 

In the photo, Aiki was particularly eye-catching as she had a sultry expression on her face, which is suitable for her bold pose. Aiki appears to have taken these unique photos to advertise a certain product. 

Under Aiki’s post, fellow dancers Hyojin Choi, rapper Queen Wasabi, and singer Bada commented “This is how you advertise??!!!!!!!???” and “Oh my, what is this?“, and “Wow, what is this charm?” showing how surprised they were. Other netizens also responded enthusiastically. 

Aiki instagram

Aiki, whose name and face have been widely known since her appearance on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” which aired last year, has been active in various fields such as entertainment, advertisements, and performances. She is receiving a lot of love and attention due to her charming dance line, witty talk, and outstanding performing skills.


Before winning as the final runner-up by leading her dance crew HOOK on “Street Woman Fighter,” Aiki previously appeared on NBC’s dance audition program “World of Dance 3” in 2019 and proved her skills by reaching the top 4.

Source: wikitree

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