This actress used to do many part-time jobs, at an insurance company, postpartum care center and even a water park

This Korean actress dreamed of acting after watching Song Hye Kyo and has worked hard to achieve her dreams

Won Ji Ah grew up dreaming of becoming an actress after watching the megahit K-drama “Autumn In My Heart”, and started to attend an acting academy. However, despite preparing hard for theater and film programs’ entrance exams, she failed. 

As Won Ji Ah could not afford to retake the course, the actress entered the department of cultural planning at a nearby university, eventually dropping out after a year and starting to work to make a living as the oldest child of her family. 

The actress has worked part-time at an insurance company, a call center, a postpartum care center, a department store, and even a water park. Later on, armed with the support of her parents, she headed back to Seoul to pursue her dreams.

Here, Won Ji Ah continued to work part-time at a cinema, at the same time participating in several auditions, before finally making her debut in the 2014 short film “Catch Ball”.  

At that time, with the help of a staff member who noticed her talents, the actress continued to nail roles in several other works, including one in the 2017 movie “Steel Rain”. This appearance eventually got her casted as the female lead of the JTBC drama “Just Between Lovers”, finally raising her reputation.

Last year, Won Jin Ah played a desperate mother in the Netflix series “Hellbound”. Earlier in 2022, she wrapped up the filming for “The Secret The Unspeakable”, which is scheduled to air this year. 

As Won Jin Ah normally assumed serious roles in her projects, her first sitcom “Unicorn” promises to bring a gust of fresh air. In the series, which will premiere on August 26th on streaming platform Coupang Play,  the actress will transform into female lead “Ashley”, taking on a new challenge. 

“Unicorn” depicts the struggles of founding a new startup, and follows the antics of startup CEO “Steve” and his team. This web-drama boasts a cast consisting of Won Jin Ah, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Joong Ok, Bae Yoo Ram, as well as various others. 

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