KARD announces first full group comeback after 2 years but netizens’ reactions are mixed 

KARD is preparing for a comeback despite member Somin’s bullying controversy that erupted last year. 

Mixed-gender idol group KARD is gearing up for a full group comeback after nearly 2 years of hiatus due to member J. Seph’s military service. On April 12, KARD’s management company DSP Media confirmed that the group is working on a new album and will have more active promotions in 2022.  

J.Seph completed his military service on April 4 and KARD is preparing to return 

While their domestic popularity is not so outstanding, KARD is known to have a large international fan base and high recognition overseas. After their upcoming comeback, KARD will go on a South America tour in July. Many international fans and netizens are extremely excited about this comeback and looking forward to KARD’s new songs. 

  • Oh Nana, Don’t Recall, Hola Hola… KARD has so many good songs. Unfortunately, they don’t suit the taste of Korean fans. 
  • KARD’s music is awesome. Don’t Recall is legendary. I hope they have a successful comeback.
  • DSP needs to let KARD release songs like in their pre-debut era. Oh Nana, Don’t Recall are all catchy and went viral back then. Their music later on is too loud and hard to listen to. 
  • I still enjoy Don’t Recall now. I hope they come back with a song like Don’t Recall.
MV Don’t Recall – KARD
MV Hola Hola – KARD

However, some people also reminded netizens not to forget about Somin’s previous bullying scandal. Specifically, Somin used to be the leader of APRIL but left the group in 2015.

After the controversy between Lee Hyunjoo and APRIL, Somin was suddenly accused of being the first to bully Hyunjoo. Besides, there is also an opinion that Somin had left the group before Hyunjoo was bullied, so she was completely unrelated.

  • Don’t forget about Somin’s bullying scandal.
  • Feeling unfair to APRIL while the internal bullying happened was when Somin was the leader of the group.
  • Somin bullied Hyunjoo, right?
  • But Somin left the group before that
KARD Somin
Somin once got into a scandal of bullying APRIL member Hyunjoo even though she left the group in 2015
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