This actress got her first leading role a year after her debut and even won the Rookie awards

As actress Soo Ae is trying to change her innocent image, let’s take a look at her previous works and acting transformation. 

Soo Ae debuted in 2002 through MBC’s one-act drama “Best Theater: One Sided Love” and started acting in earnest after receiving recognition for her innocent beauty, attractive voice, and stable acting skills despite being a rookie.

After winning Best New Actress for her performance in MBC’s mini-series “Love Letter” and the movie “A Family” a year later, Soo Ae successfully proved her potential to take on leading roles. Although she was still a new actress, Soo Ae did not miss any chance to challenge various works that could show her acting skills and prove her rapid growth. 

Soo Ae

Soo Ae attempted to try the historical genres by starring in KBS’s Special drama “Emperor of the Sea” and gained huge popularity as Lady Jung Hwa, the character that helped the actress highlight her elegant and calm image. 

Her next move after the success of “Emperor of the Sea” was the film “Sunny” by director Lee Joon Ik. Soo Ae appeared in the movie as a vocalist of a band heading to Vietnam to find her husband, a soldier who was sent to fight in the Vietnam War. Thanks to this work, she won Best Actress at various awards ceremonies, such as Daejong Film Awards, the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Buil Film Awards, Golden Cinematography Awards, etc., and emerged as a blue chip in Chungmuro (the Korean film industry).

Soo Ae

After then, Soo Ae continued to win Best Actress at the Grand Bell Award, Blue Dragon Film Award, etc. for her acting performance as a DJ hosting a late-night radio in the thriller horror film “Midnight FM”.

She then appeared in the drama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” by Kim Soo Hyun, who is famous in the drama industry as a picky screenwriter. Soo Ae received favorable reviews for perfectly portraying the love and motherhood of the female lead character, who suffers from early Alzheimer’s. 

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Having proved her acting skills and star quality in both movies and dramas, Soo Ae is now trying to break away from her elegant image. In the drama “Athena: Goddess of War”, Soo Ae transformed into a strong special agent, while in “Queen of Ambition”, she appeared as an evil woman who does anything for power.

In her most recent work – JTBC’s series “Artificial City”, Soo Ae portrayed an ambitious woman who tries to make her husband the President after abandoning her old lover and engaging in a political marriage with a chaebol born out of wedlock. Her attempts to cover her elegant and innocent image with desires and powers now stand out.

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Soo Ae, who is taking a break after finishing “Artificial City” earlier this year, is raising fans’ expectations for her new transformations. The actress recently decided to join a new entertainment company, which is Ghost Studio.

In fact, she chose this new agency to keep her loyalty to her longtime manager. Ghost Studio is a comprehensive entertainment company recently established by CEO Choi Myung Kyu, who used to work for Studio Santa Claus, together with executives and employees he has been working together with for a long time. It is known that the agency has signed contracts uiwth several actors with whom they have close relationships. 

soo ae

Fans are looking forward to what kind of works actress Soo Ae will select after moving to this new agency.

Source: Daum

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