Yang Hyun-suk hinted about YG’s next comeback star (ft. Winner’s Jinwoo)

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk has aroused curiosity about the next comeback star.

CEO Yang Hyun-suk posted two photos on his social networking site along with the words, “Guess Who’s Next. You can find a hint in the picture.

The photo shows Yang Hyun-suk monitoring something. CEO Yang Hyun-suk is showing his affection by taking pictures of monitor screens with his cell phone. Another picture shows a full moon floating in the blue night sky.

Previously, Yang Hyun-suk had posted videos and photos that seemed to hint the release of the new product. On the 4th, he released a photo cut of WINNER Kim Jin-woo and wrote, “Who are you.”

Kim Jin-woo lying on white fur drew enthusiastic responses from fans. Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of the company, posted a video of Kim Jin-woo saying something and suggested that we guess the lyrics.

Fans are posting numerous comments on Yang’s SNS, revealing their curiosity about the singer of the next comeback.

While fans are focusing on who will be the next YG’s comeback star,  many are guessing it’s WINNER’s new album or Kim Jin-woo‘s solo album.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has been monopolizing the music charts since this year, from iKON’s Love Scenario’, to WINNER Song Mino ‘FIANCE‘ to Black Pink’s Jennie‘s ‘Solo‘.

Source: Osen

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