This actress from “The Red Sleeve” was told to get plastic surgery on her whole face by her mother

Lee Min-ji, who captivated viewers with her infinite charm in “The Red Sleeve,” recently appeared on the variety show “Radio Star.” 

lee min ji radio star

Lee Min-ji received great love for her unique charms in the drama but suffered from her mom’s scolding at home.

“The Red Sleeve” was a historical drama that received a lot of love from older generations, including Lee Min-ji’s parents. But her mom said that she doesn’t like her own daughter on TV! What could be the reason?

She looked at Lee Min-Ji’s face and said, “You have to do your nose, chin, and get double eyelids…” Lee Min-ji jokingly talked back to her mother, saying that her mother denied her own genes. Her mom turned out to be more serious about monitoring her daughter’s face than the drama!

lee min ji radio star

On the show, Lee Min-ji herself confessed that there’s a lot of empty space on her face (meaning her face is too big). But there was one MC who was confident about having empty space on his face.

“Radio Star” will be aired on MBC Every1.

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