These Japanese idol groups shocked Korean netizens with their bathing performance, “They appeared naked, holding only 2 buckets…”

A public bathing performance of Japanese idols is drawing keen attention from Korean netizens.

A video titled, “Japanese idols have a different way of expressing their physical beauty! A comparison of cultural differences”, was recently uploaded on the Youtube channel “FocuSON”. This video made comparisons of Korean and Japanese idols’ performances.

The most eye-catching detail was the bathing performance of Japanese boy groups SixTONES and Snow Man. All of the members appeared naked, holding 2 buckets to cover sensitive parts and dancing enthusiastically.

Japanese Boy Groups

In addition, they performed the bathing performance with an opaque screen. The members pushed each other’s backs and touched each other’s hips. The color of their skin was shown on the opaque screen.

Japanese Boy Groups

Watching this video, Korean netizens commented, “This bathing performance is so innovative”, “This performance would be changed in Korea”, “I suddenly feel thankful to Korean idols”, “This stage shows the identity of Japanese people so well”, etc.

Japanese Boy Groups
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