A famous Japanese girl group’s center is revealed to have sexual intercourses with sugar daddies through her old SNS account 

According to an article on “5ch”, a large Japanese community, Nakanishi Aruno of Nogizaka46, a popular Japanese girl group known for their innocent concept, used to have a Twitter account in the past and she posted obscene photos presumed to be a case of sexual intercourse with minors.

Nakanishi Aruno often made posts on SNS to so-called “Papakatu”. “Papakatu” is the Japanese word for “sugar daddies”, which means middle-aged men who give money to young girls to date them.

Nakanishi Aruno

Moreover, Nakanishi Aruno also posted photos of her underwear or doing sexy poses while wearing her school uniform. Her Twitter became known to the public because a photographer once tagged her account in a post when she was working as a freelance model.

Nakanishi Aruno’s group Nogizaka46 is called the rival group of AKB48. It is a project group formed through survival auditions.

Nakanishi Aruno

Nakanishi Aruno passed the 5th Generation audition on the 1st of last month with the winning rate of 1:8000 and joined Nogizaka46. She is the center of the group’s 29th single.

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