The actual length of Jang Won-young’s legs measured with a tape measure surprised everyone

IVE’s Jang Won-young draws attention with her unrealistic long legs and perfect body proportions.

A video showing Jang Won-young measuring the length of her legs with a tape measure was recently released, attracting fans’ attention.

Jang Won Young

On April 8th, the Youtube channel “Y Magazine” uploaded a video of Jang Won-young measuring the length of her legs using a tape measure.


In an interview on the same day, Jang Won-young received a question that asked, “How long are your legs?”. In response to the sudden question, Jang Won-young was startled for a while then she replied, “I’ve never measured them… About 106cm?”. To check the actual length of her legs, the staff decided to carry out a leg length measurement on the spot. 

Jang Won Young

The result was 107cm. It was 1cm longer than Jang Won-young expected. As the staff was very surprised at her extraordinary long legs, Jang Won-young said, “I think it’s around 107cm or 106cm”.

Jang Won Young

The female idol is reportedly 173cm tall. Through this video, it was once again confirmed that Jang Won-young had such a perfect physique with a  long lower body part.

Then, when asked, “Secret behind your tall height?”, Jang Won-young picked her personality as the main reason. She said, “It’s my optimistic personality without big stress”. She then revealed sleeping early and sleeping well as the other factors. 

Meanwhile, Jang Won-young is promoting the new song “LOVE DIVE” with IVE members.

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