[Theqoo]IVE’s Jang Won Young Mesmerizes Fans with Adorable Airport Fashion

Jang Won Young’s airport fashion today is receiving positive reactions from fans.

IVE departed for Manila, Philippines on the morning of June 16th via Incheon International Airport to attend IVE THE FIRST FAN CONCERT in Manila.

Jang Won Young captured the hearts of fans with her charming airport fashion. Wearing a white babydoll dress and a crochet bucket hat that fit her perfectly, Jang Won Young makes fans gush over her cute and lovely outfit. 

Original post : theqoo

Fans left comments:

  • “Her outfit is just perfect for her age, so lovely”
  • “She’s really cute and pretty”
  • “I love her hat”
  • “Baby princess”
  • “Princess Won Young… She’s too adorable…”
  • “The outfit fits her age perfectly. Please dress her like that more often.”
  • “She’s so cute…”
  • “I wondered where her outfit was from. It’s definitely Miu Miu. I can’t afford a thousand won for a hat, but both the clothes and Jang Won Young are so beautiful.”
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