Actor Cha Seo-won and former B1A4 member Gong Chan cast as leads in the new comic-based BL drama “Unintentional Love Story”

Cha Seo-won and Gong Chan recently confirmed their appearance in the BL rom-com “Unintentional Love Story” as the main characters.

Cha Seo-won and Gong Chan will star in “Unintentional Love Story (working title)” (written by Shin Ji-an/ directed by Jang Eu-soon/ produced by Number Three Pictures), which is based on a famous comic of the same name. 

Unintentional Love Story

“Unintentional Love Story” is a heart-throbbing romantic drama that depicts the story of two people, whose relationship started with the lie “Our beginning is unintentional, but dating is also unintentional!”, become each other’s true love.

Published by Daewon CI Co., Ltd., the original comic work received enthusiastic love from online and offline readers of various generations and even gained a loyal fandom. The comic boasted several impressive achievements, such as winning the E-Book Grand Prize at RIDIBooks’s 2021 BL Comic Awards, Best BL Comic of the Year at the 2021 Aladin’s BL Comic Competition, Lifetime Work Award in the COMIC category of MrBlue’s 2021 BL Awards, etc. In addition, writer Shin Ji-an, who wrote the very first BL drama “Where Your Eyes Linger”, and director Jang Eu-soon of “Peach of Time” will work together to transform “Unintentional Love Story” into a drama.

Accordingly, actor Cha Seo-won was cast for the role of Yoon Tae-joon while Gong Chan, who is proving his presence as an actor besides his singing career, was selected to play Ji Won-young. Descriptions of the two main characters in “Unintentional Love Story” were also unveiled.

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Yoon Tae-joon played by Cha Seo-won is a genius pottery artist who suddenly disappears. This character is a person who looks aggressive because he doesn’t talk much but actually has an affectionate heart. He’s a man who boasts both unexpected charm and toughness at the same time.

Cha Seo-won, who has been actively playing various genres, such as dramas, musicals, plays and movies, was greatly loved for his performances in KBS2’s “Liver or Die”, tvN’s “Miss Lee” and MBC’s “Second Husband”. In addition, he also made headlines when appearing on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone” and showing his unpretentious and attractive daily life appearance. He recently portrayed Oh Jin-hyuk, a character who has both handsome visual and excellent abilities in the musical play “Charmi”. 

Gong Chan plays an employee in the general affairs department of a big company Ji Won-young, who needs to win the heart of Yoon Tae-joon, the CEO’s favorite artist in order to return to work. Ji Won-young is an insider who is well-loved by people around him thanks to his bright nature and kind personality. When on the verge of quitting his job, he suddenly faces Yoon Tae-joon.

Gong Chan debuted in 2011 as a member of B1A4, the boy group that established themselves as top Hallyu idols with a huge fandom not only in Korea but also worldwide. Gong Chan, who has built up his filmography by appearing in web dramas “Delicious Love” and “To My Name”, drew attention as he perfectly played the role of an attractive bodyguard in MBC Everyone’s drama “Lonely Enough To Love” in 2019.

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