Park Jin Young delivered a unique “Hype Boy” cover… “I’m sorry, NewJeans”

Singer Park Jin Young covered the choreography of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” on Music Bank and profusely apologized. 

On the November 18th broadcast of the KBS2 TV program “Music Bank”, Park Jin Young made a comeback and unveiled his new song “Groove Back” for the first time. 

park jin young music bank

Here, the singer said, “There are not many groove songs these days. I wanted to do a groovy dance, so I came back with a song full of groove.”

park jin young music bank

“To get a good groove, you have to ride the beat 0.1 second late,” the singer said while giving a lesson on choreography.

park jin young music bank

Then, Park Jin Young performed the choreography of NewJeans‘ “Hype boy” in his own style and drew cheers from others.

Finally, he made everyone laugh by profusely apologizing, “I only heard the song and learned the choreography a little while ago. New Jeans, I’m sorry.”

Source: daum

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