The Youtuber who claims IU’s plagiarism ignores explanations from ‘Love Poem’ composer and the original singer 

Composer Lee Jong Hoon of “Love Poem”, a song from IU’s 5th mini album, refuted the plagiarism claim raised through a Youtube video.

On May 14th, composer Lee Jong Hoon posted a long article on the Youtube channel that made a plagiarism claim against IU’s song “Love Poem”. This Youtuber raised the suspicion that IU’s “Love Poem” plagiarized MIIA’s song “Dynasty” in August last year.


Composer Lee Jong Hoon commented under the video posted on this channel on the 13th instead of the controversial video that blocked comments. He explained, “’Love Poem’ is a song that unfolds with a 6-4-1-5 chord progression, which is very commonly used in popular and pop music”. He went on to give examples of songs with similar chord progressions and said that it is not reasonable to explain that two songs are similar based solely on their chord progressions.


The composer continued, “The melody progression of ‘Love Poem’ is mainly based on Irish pop-rock, with a style using thick and strong lines as its main characteristic. On the other hand, ‘Dynasty’ can be analyzed as a melody that emphasizes R&B-based repetition. In addition, as factors that determine the individuality of the songs, the direction and structure of the two songs’ progressions are clearly different, not just the chords and melodies.


Composer Lee said, “I can confidently state that I had never heard ‘Dynasty’ before this issue arose, and I did not refer to or plagiarize it when creating ‘Love Poem’. As a songwriter, I always strive to accept various opinions from the audience and accept their evaluations for creative works that have left the hands of their creators. However, in situations like this, where the composition of the song itself is completely misunderstood from the stage of the creative intention, and my work may be stamped as an inadequate piece, I think it is right for me, as the songwriter, to step forward and correct the misunderstandings and clarify the facts about the opinions that are not true”. He also demanded that Youtuber make a video to correct the false claims.


However, the channel still posted videos claiming IU’s plagiarism with comments blocked.

In addition, when asked about the similarity between “Love Poem” and “Dynasty”, which is claimed as the original song, MIIA said, “The chords are similar, but you can’t really claim chords. This doesn’t really bother me.”


Meanwhile, a total of six IU’s songs, including “The Red Shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, and “Celebrity”, are suspected of plagiarizing domestic and overseas artists’ music.

In this regard, her agency revealed that they had already gathered materials for investigation and would take strong legal action against malicious acts towards IU.

Source: Wikitree

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