The wealthy family background of (G)I-DLE’s Chinese member Yuqi

In the Kpop girl group (G)I-DLE, instead of the Thai member Minnie, Yuqi seems to be the member who grew up in the richest family. 

The family background of Kpop idols is always something the public is interested in. Accordingly, there are many idols who come from rich families. They enjoyed privilege and sumptuous lives even before shooting to fame as Kpop artists. Recently, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi has drawn much attention from netizens after some sources revealed that the female idol was born into a rich and powerful family in China.

Yuqi is adored for her playful visual 

Yuri, whose Chinese full name is Tong Yuqi, is one of the most outstanding members of (G)I-DLE. Not only is she famous in Korea, the female idol is also noticed by many fans in her home country. Yuqi is rumored to come from the most affluent family background among the (G)I-DLE members. Netizens also believe that it is difficult for foreign trainees to develop a career in Korea without solid financial support from their families. 

Many netizens also pointed out that Yuqi always used the most expensive phone in the group. Moreover, Yuqi often appears in luxury, high-priced clothing items and accessories which she purchased with her own money.

Yuqi rarely opens up about her family background.  

When it comes to Yuqi’s upbringing, many sources revealed that her parents were prominent politicians in China. Additionally, since childhood, the female idol has lived in a lavish apartment in an expensive location with the most advanced security guard system in Beijing. This further proves that Yuqi did not grow up in an ordinary family and also explains why information about her background is rarely disclosed.

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Netizens believe that Yuqi came from a wealthy background 
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Yuqi’s luxurious birthday party

During an appearance on the show Hello Counselor, the member of (G)I-DLE revealed that her parents did not encourage her to pursue a career as an idol. She flew to Korea by herself to join Cube Entertainment. But, because Yuqi’s passion was so big, the family had to agree to let her fulfill her dream.

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From a young age, she showed artistic talent.

As a result, the female idol used to attend Beijing 101 High School, which is known as one of China’s most elite schools. Yuqi gradually fell in love with K-pop after knowing it, and she began to learn how to play an instrument. Even the female idol is the president of the school’s street dance club.


After debuting with (G)I-DLE, Yuqi became more famous. She attracts fans by her smart, cute appearance and unique vocals. However, many people think that due to the controversy as well as the management of the company, the female idol and (G)I-DLE cannot maintain their reputation as before. 

Recently, Yuqi began to encroach into the Chinese market. Her grace and wisdom when appearing on variety shows paved a new path for her. Last year, she also became the official cast member of the popular show Keep Running Man.


Although there are not too many details about Yuqi’s family and it has not been confirmed yet, fans believe that she belongs to a rich family. Even if she is not a celebrity, Yuqi can still live a wealthy life.  

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